The Road Show

                                                   ART in UNCONVENTIONAL SPACES



Road to Saignon was by the window, next to the tree and the green metal beams and relished the light and shadows they cast.     “It flourished in perfect                harmony with its                        surroundings”

The exhibition in HOMEBASE KENSINGTON set out to bring art to those who happen to be in the exhibition space at the time of the exhibition. It achieved this but also raised philosophical questions about the purpose of art; the place of its creator; and art’s relationship or impact on the space in which it is exhibited.



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The exhibition was on the first floor of HomeBase Kensington.  This venue was ideal for Art in Unconventional Spaces. The strong response from visitors and staff to the presence of artworks in their environment confirms that it is not “conventional” space that makes art. Rather, art can reveal the hidden potentials of any space in which it is exhibited.



WHAT IS ART’S PURPOSE? To interact with spaces; or to entertain humans; or to communicate? Born for particular spaces or does art make its space? Is there art destiny and if so, who controls it. Does “art destiny” steer each piece to the space that it is destined to inhabit? Does art have its own narratives or stories of its encounters in conventional and unconventional spaces. Does the space invite the art or does art choose its space? For the talking Art exhibition visit TALKING ART

Special thanks to Mr Rob Herd, Manager HOMEBASE KENSINGTON, for his enthusiasm and for providing the space for the exhibition. For more information on Art in Unconventional Spaces or to leave a comment please e-mail:               

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