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The Gore family has produced three successive generations of professional artists - Spencer Gore, Frederick Gore, Charles Gore - each with a distinctive style and passion, but all united in the use of vibrant colour to bring their subjects to life.

Charles Gore’s style of painting is best described as figurative expressionism. He has painted in parts of England and France including London and Provence. He has also painted in Nigeria, West Africa and held exhibitions in the United Kingdom including one-man and group exhibitions in London.

Charles Gore is an artist of many interests. He is a world expert on West African arts, and lectures at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. His diverse works in Nigeria have generated a portfolio of over 20,000 photographs. His interests in African masks and textiles have led to publications in leading specialist art journals. His book: Arts, Performance and Ritual in Benin City has been described as the most important book on Benin art and ethnography since Bradbury’s 1973 Benin Studies. The book focuses on the charismatic healing cults of Benin city, their arts and their visionary access to the deities of local Edo religion through ritual possession.

His passion for painting took him to Chelsea Arts college where he did a foundation course in fine art. He completed his fine art degree at the Wimbledon School of Arts. His Masters degree and PHD were undertaken at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London under the supervision of Professor John Picton.

As a professional painter, Charles Gore follows a family tradition began by his grand-father, Spencer Gore - one of the pioneers of modern art in England and continued by his father Frederick Gore who was a leading Royal academician.

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  FREDERICK GORE          SPENCER GORE          

                         Summer 2008

          View towards Menerbes Road oil on canvas

 Towards Mt. Ventoux on middle Apt road oil on canvas


         Cherry trees on lower Apt road oil on canvas








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The Penetrating Power of Rhythm